The fact that choice of colour is a direct indication to personality is not anymore any unknown fact. Sometimes you know what the colour represents and sometimes your personality automatically makes the choice. Here are some modern colours that are now trending in the market of home interior designing. See if these colours are there in your house or select which colour will suit best your room.

Matt orange is the choice of many interior designers in Kolkata as its gives in light to a small apartment. This is often used in the drawing cum dining rooms. The colour has its own effect and thus the wall when draped with this colour gives a shine that offers light to the room in a very natural way. But this colour should be avoided in bedrooms for its bright nature. The choice if this colour defines that you are welcoming person and a power house of excitement.

what colour of your room is telling about your personality - Orange

As it says blue is the warmest colour and it thus signifies the calmness and deepness of your mind. It is at the same time intellectual and vast if you know the right shade. You must not use dark blue on the walls of a small bedroom as it might lessen the appearance of the area. Many famous interior designing companies in Kolkata will suggest you to go for aquamarine shades that can be paired up with light pastels of white or cream.

what colour of your room is telling about your personality - Blue

This is another colour that is quiet an opted shade for modern homes. Those who wish to have something similar to blue but little different from the mainstream you can definitely try this colour. This colours calls for creativity and happiness. This is a dark colour thus you need to combine this with lighter shades of pastels. You might also go for mauve with white is you want elegance and loads of simplicity with style in your bedroom.

what colour of your room is telling about your personality - Purple

Interior designers in Kolkata suggest using this colour very carefully. Green is the colour of nature but you have to understand which shade will suit your room. You can use light greens for rooms that have no source of light to enter from the natural environment. This colour will add in freshness despite of the lacking of natural light in the room. This is the colour of well-being and fertility thus can be added in rooms of personalities having creative minds.

what colour of your room is telling about your personality - Green

This is the favourite colour of many, portraying emotions of love and energy. This is not the very popular choice for the entire room only if you are not teaming it with neutral colours of the right choice. You can easily use it for highlighting a portion of your wall that is exhibiting an important portion of the wall. A single side of the wall is enough if you do not wish to turn your favourite colour to be something dreadful. You can also decorate with red decorative items over light coloured walls that will brighten your room in a beautiful manner.

what colour of your room is telling about your personality - Red