Terms and Conditions

These are some the guidelines that we have for our clients. Knowing about this will avoid all sort of miscommunication and thus when you are being our associates knowing about all these should be in your do list. Thus when we are dealing with our clients we will consider that all of them have gone through the conditions and has no issue abiding by those. Any complaints regarding the terms and conditions will not be welcomed after the deal has started.

The notes offered in the term’s section are for the benefit of our clients and to avoid any form of illegal doings through our company. All the rules are set according to the advice of the legal jurisdiction. When we are making contracts with our clients we will make sure we have records to meet the deadlines. The interior decoration and the tenure of the entire service from planning to execution will be strictly within the specified time in the contract.


When we are taking up the decoration work we are entering into your house and personal property. All your property is safe with us as we have our permissions from the local authorities. None of your property will be used or tampered due to our services. We have our licenses and we know our limits of restriction into your property.

Reviews and comments

We use survey to get to know about the market situation. While using this technique no personal details will be used for other purposes. While your comments and reviews regarding our services might be used to create marketing strategies. No review of your will be used for unlawful purposes. If we find that any of the comments is a spam or is not connected to the purpose we have full right to remove it at our discreet and we will not be answerable for the act.