Each office usually either has a separate or attached reception area or desk. People mostly ignore that place to include for interior decoration. However, it should get a special attention as visitors first get to see that place. And it definitely impacts upon their mind regarding your office on a whole. Thus, think something out of the box if you are going to construct the interior of a reception or renovate it. This blog will especially focus on small reception desk or area and what exquisite you can do with it. Office reception design in Kolkata has journeyed a long path due to fast expansion of private sectors. You will get a few great interior decorators in Kolkata. Here are a few tips to stunningly yet soberly embellish the reception of your office:

office reception interior design

• First of all, give the background wall a bright color that suits both day and night.

• Hang some abstract paintings along with advertising posters of the company. And do not forget to hang a dashboard so that visitors can easily check out general information.

• Now come to the desk. It is compulsory to keep the desk organized, neat and clean. Put some plates written on such as ‘Reception’ or ‘Helping Desk’ along with some happy notes or smiley.

• Do not forget to get a cozy sofa or array of chairs as no guest would like to be standing on.

• Going over the top is to be strictly avoided in reception areas. Yes, there is not much scope of core interior decorating but this small and minute detailing would surely enhance the office profile.

The most important thing in the office as well hotel reception decoration is to display a welcoming, communicative and smiling face. Even, a dull office could repair the lacking by it.