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Are you planning to do something different for Christmas? Every restaurant has some special plans for this year end event. This is that festive time of the year when everyone wishes to bid the passing year goodbye with beautiful memories.

banquet room at christmas

Your restaurant can be the place of attraction, if you are ready to offer a special makeover to the place. You must not restrict your Christmas decoration only with Christmas trees. Make something noteworthy and special. If you are still on your way of Christmas preparations, check these tips.

Now, you can also make your restaurant the place where people will love to end the previous year and begin a new journey for the next year. So have a look and start prepping up.

Light Fixtures

Ceiling with Tray Light

There is some magic in lights and to spread that magic in your restaurant you have to be picky with your lighting fixture. You do not need to have a glowing light all over. You can play with darkness with soft lights. The lights you use should be welcoming the guests. People often search for cosy places for a dinner and here you need to be very careful about the lighting. Keep it subtle and sober. For outdoor, you can go a bit louder with lots of lights. But it must be attractive to bring in the crowd to your place.

Wall Hangings


You always do not need to spend a ton over decoration. If you are planning a Christmas makeover for the restaurant there are ample of designer stores that offer decoration products dedicated for the season. Apply those to give interesting patterns to the restaurant walls.

Chinese Partition

china latina

This is something that will not only improve the look of the place but can be of great functionality. There will be different kinds of customers in the restaurant. You can separate the seating with these Chinese partitions. You can reserve an area for families whereas the other parts can be for the rest of your guests.

Decorative Chairs


You will have various options for the chairs. If you are being a bit confused which option will be right for your restaurant, you can always consult a professional interior decorator. I you have bigger places and your theme of the restaurant fits, you can add bean bags at cosy corners. These looks best in cafes, where people drop in to have a small relaxing sip.

You can add decorative chairs which must be comfortable. The basic criteria of chairs are the comfort it is able to provide. During the Christmas parties, the people are going to spend more time in restaurant than usual dining. Make sure your chairs are providing them the comfort.

The other thing you can add in your restaurants is the booth seating. This allows a better seating accommodation with more people. Take a single wall and place the booth sofas along it. The advantages of booths are many. But for now, you will get assured to know that people prefer booth seating over regular chairs. Booths have tall back support and that provides comfort and privacy to the customers.

booth seating

Among all the above idea which one was your favourite? If you have some more interesting tips of restaurant decorations, feel free to share because the more you share the more you have.

Festivals are an integral part of India and in Kolkata the schedule of yearly changes are scheduled keeping the time of Durga Puja in mind. In Kolkata, Durga Puja is not only a festival, but a landmark of planning renovations at household. A lot of people wish to decorate and redesign houses before the festive season and are in search of house designs in kolkata. The reason of choosing this time is due to the weather. Usually painting homes are done before puja. This serves the festive purpose even.

drawing room decorations

But if you have missed the time before puja for the lack of time, there is a way out for you. You can use this puja vacation wisely for decorating homes. This decoration will set the mood of the festive days. For specialists in decoration you should consult a reputed interior firm in kolkata who will guide you with the measurements and proper material. You must understand that at this last hour you have to depend on readymade items rather than going for craftsmanship. If you are really interested in getting some ethnic furniture you can also get that with interior specialists. You might get surprised with traditional collections and one great choice can definitely add a little more to your home furnishing.

How to Decorate

As it is the time of pujas a little more emphasis should be given to the puja room of your house. Diwali is right behind the Durga Pujas and at this hour try out some new pooja room interior design in kolkata. The designs available currently are crowned temple designs. The material of the temple varies. If you do not have a separate place for puja yet then why not construct one now. There are beautiful marble temples available that will be perfect give for your home during the puja.

Floral and Light Arrangements

Garlands are always an option for decoration. You can also opt for modern flower decoration ideas with artificial flowers. If you have a nice painting just border it with a garland of flowers and see the change. Arrange the hall and give a grand entrance to the home. Add a big decorative tub at the middle of the hall. If you want make a flower rangoli before placing the tub. Add water inside the tub and place floating candles and artificial flowers. You can add some more candles during Diwali in the rangoli area. Light arrangements can be done temporarily through earthen lamps. If wanting some definite changes then add some ethnic wall lights or chandeliers.

Wall Decoration

Apart from adding some artistic or thematic paintings to your wall you can try out some modern wall ideas. Modern wall bar unit will be a great addition that can be installed at one of the corners of the drawing room. The room gets a posh look and let your guests enjoy a booze at your place. Not only for festivals this addition will be always a thing that will be admired and give a new look to the area.