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Geared up for your Christmas celebration? Kolkata is a place that exhibits festivity and aura of decoration in any religious festival irrespective of the religion. Christmas is now knocking at the doors. The reasons that make us worried is how to decorate the commercial and residential places.

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What about taking the help of professionals in decorating the spaces? Well, here’s five interesting and fresh ideas that you can utilize this Christmas with the help of experienced professional! Let’s take a look:

1.Setting Holiday Mood inside your house

Limiting the decoration with lights outside the house in the porch only is a bad idea. Instead, make sure that you decorate the house from inside and take the advantage of mild winter breeze. Bring the cheer of Christmas with a perfectly decorated backyard retreat. This will provide you a cozy and warm decoration and at the same time make sure you can crawl up with your blanket on a brisk winter night. A Christmas tree will of course take the center of the stage. Gold lights and red garland serve your purpose the best! Take the help of experts in Kolkata for your Christmas decorations!

2.Cheer Your Store Entry Ways

Experts are here to introduce you with the ways that can help you manage decorating the entry. This impresses the customers and attracts the attention of the consumers. Be it a cake shop, gift shop or any items that is brought during Christmas, make sure that you are taking enough initiative to create an expression of awe among the buyers who get allured to enter your shop and see what you have for sale!

3.Greet with garden theme

Owner of a restaurant or corporate house? Interested in greeting your customers in a different way? Professionals can help you with this. Supposedly, you want a garden theme with a Christmas tree just in the middle. Make your garden-themed Christmas decoration serve a cheerful purpose by filling the containers with Holiday herbs. Some common Christmas herbs you can grow are myrtle, chervil, borage, lemon thyme, tarragon, bay leaves, spearmint, lavender, oregano, basil, sage, and thyme. Add bright color by planting red amaryllis blooms and berries.

4.Hang on the vintage ornaments

If you are interested in decoration of Christmas, Instead, stick with the familiar and beloved ornaments that your family has collected and made over the year. Decorating with a variety of themed ornaments will add a personalized touch that standard, matching ornaments cannot compete with;

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Arrangement of the items like – bells, small ornaments, sprigs of evergreen, glittery snowflakes and holly. The possibilities are endless, and gifts can be customized dependent upon their recipient. For added elegance, make sure that you select wrapping paper and ribbon that match your room’s existing holiday décor. Pick a variety of patterns and colors of wrapping paper, and unify the scheme with the same color ribbon.

When it comes to season of celebration, decking up the residence, offices, restaurants and shops is a must. For Kolkata, Durga Puja pronounces the arrival of festive season that lingers till new year.

Well, with a lot of expectation and wonder owners of residence and business, plans an exterior and interior decoration with the minimum possible price. Keeping in mind the amount of money that a person is willing to invest here are a few tips that can come handy when you are planning for an exterior or interior decoration:

durga puja 2017

  1. Planning for a Residential Building:

While it is a festive season most people are interested in decorating the house with flowers and lights. Now, doing it all by yourself becomes a daunting task and in that case, it is the responsibility of the owners to hire an expert for the work. Look no further, when it comes to Efficient Enterprise. Discuss with us the needs and desires that you have in mind and we will help you get the desired result. Flood your house with lights, decorative items and lot more to ensure that it looks great during the festive season. Were you looking for modular kitchen installations? We can help you with that at a very attractive price that fits your budget.

  1. Mark Special Occasion in Offices:

When it comes to marking special dates and occasion in the offices you need to plan ahead. Hiring an exterior and interior decorator is important to make your work place look flawless. Positive vibes are important when it comes to securing the work place culture and providing the employees a boost a sense of oneness. Entrepreneurs are often interested in decorating the offices for Christmas, Puja, National Holidays, Diwali, Holi and New Year. Approach us at, Efficient Enterprise to get all your problems solved easily and make your business worth its celebrations.

  1. Attract Customers at Food Parks and Restaurants:

Customers are often attracted towards a decorated building and what if their favourite place dazzle in the beauty of lights and flowers? Well, that’s a good idea. Roll your sleeves and talk to our experts who are interested in helping you with your ideas and fulfil them accordingly. Eateries, restaurants and food parks when decked up at its best attract the customers and of course during special seasons and occasions. While you are based in Kolkata stay assured and rely on us for all your decoration ideas and needs. You can revamp your food area with a false ceiling that attracts attention of many.

  1. Decoration at Shops and Physical Stores:

With the advancement of internet and technology reaching out to customers via online portal is a lucrative offer for all the business. But, what about boosting business via the physical stores? One possible way to attract the attention of the customers is to decorate and revamp the areas that help you increase the stock.

To conclude, it could be said that, one can remain assured that they are paying correctly for the services that they will to take. There are no hidden or extra cost after the discussion and quote is fixed between experts and clients.