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Not all do get the chance to design the kitchen at the very initial stage. People living in old fashioned houses must have a kitchen that was built according to the old standards and at the back of the mind you have started to believe that this space of yours cannot ever change into a modular kitchen. But you are wrong as these tricks and little changes can completely transform the attire of the kitchen to give it the designer look. Not a punch in the pocket and still you will get it done within a few days’ time.

modular kitchen design

  • Clean and tidy look is the basic thing of modular kitchens. If you are not taking care of that no decor will admire the look of the kitchen.

  • Next is the display of the walls. You can add some art work. If you are not that creative you can start the art work with the utensils. Remember that utensils in your kitchen can itself be a form of art if you know how to place it. You can stick the plates on the walls and hang the utensils. You are using the wall space and at the same time it is dedicating to the wall decor.

  • Adding colourful mattresses and curtains can enhance the look of the kitchen. Use glass utensils. Let the natural colours of ingredients and spices exhibit their own beauty. Adding tiles to the kitchen is the other option which beautifies and the cleaning part is also user friendly. Use proper and dedicated lights in the kitchen. Rather than going for a single light go for spot lights to dedicated areas of the kitchen. When the lighting soothes the ambience transforms.

  • If you have some place to spare you can give an extreme modern modular look to the kitchen. Bring in a footrest that would be an island. This can be decorated with fresh flowers or even fruits and vegetables.

  • modular kitchen furniture design

  • And now the most important thing of the modular kitchen design. The dedicated racks. This is required for two purposes. First is the easy usability and second is the look. Adding small racks will provide you dedicated corners for each type of utensils in your kitchen. You can add drawers. Inside the drawers create partitions. Do not cheat yourself thinking the enclosed place of the drawer does not needs any such decoration. You must divide the place in the drawer so that it’s never a mess.

  • A little more can be done by adding some decorative handles on the cupboard door and drawers. For the inner shelves you can add some contrasting coloured papers. You can choose papers that have interesting graphic designs. Sticking it to the interior shelves will provide a new look to those old shelves that you cannot simply replace.

  • Remember some of them you can try alone and for some you must take expert help. In course of decorating make sure you have your ideas clear. You can even consult a specialist for more innovative ideas. There are various modular kitchen room designs that you can go through before you implement your new one.

    There are many home decorators in Kolkata who provides best quality of modular kitchen. However, the trend is getting older and people are now up to something newer. To install a modular kitchen demands a good deal of money along with time and space. So, it is not possible to dismiss completely. But if it can be renovated into a kitchen of your dream then you should look for the ideas. Don’t worry, I recently ran my kitchen under a simple but interesting make over and trust me the response of each onlooker was phenomenal.

    Modern Modular Kitchen Furniture Design Idea

    The usual pattern of a kitchen is very symmetrical, mundane and solely focused on the usage. But it can be spiced up if a little bit of wall art is added. It cannot be extensive like your living room. It is better to avoid anything that has more angles as they tend to collect dirt and dust. Small and simple things are more preferable.

    Add interesting colour schemes to the kitchen desk. But I will advise you to stick to sober and light colours. Bright ones are not so right for a kitchen.

    Readjust your microwave oven, gas oven, induction, toaster, refrigerator and other electronics into new places. It will break the monotonous environment of your kitchen. Wall hanging and hanging plants are also some good options.