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Looking for design inspirations in celebrity homes? Thinking such beautiful homes are just a dream big untouchable thing? Stop saying wow looking at those homes and get set go to redesign the look of your home. Experts say that you must begin from the entrance. So, let’s not waste any more time and chat over some awesome ideas of interior design for living room.

Contemporary Vs Modern

What’s the mood of your family? Every family has a particular beat at which the play of life goes on. Make sure that your home reflects the persona of your family. Some families like to portray tradition and accordingly make the choices of furniture of living room. With antiques being a significant add on, the designer collections are about authenticity mingled with the classy collection.

old fashioned drawing room design

Modern homes are big yes for families who believe in lesser maintenance and viciously beautiful reflecting a high aesthetic value. Simple and elegant tones are maintained. Space management is a thing of concern these days and in modern contemporary designs, interior specialists focus highly on furniture living room and the catalogue is completely different for contemporary designs. Functional and aesthetic value is secured with special designs which will not take up ample spaces in the living room.

The beauty seal for the ceiling

Space is ruling the current living room furniture interior design trends so the designers are smartly shifting their focus on ceilings. Now, what about the ceilings? Is that really a matter of focus? Yes! Of course, it is. It is giving a great opportunity to beautify a place without hampering the space of the floor area.

With various options available for living room ceiling design, designers love experimenting with lights, colour, and texture to add that extra edge in the living room.

Ask your designer about the different ceiling design living room ideas. Wooden ceiling designs for living room is a popular choice but if you are not much keen about additional items, you can even try ceiling art.

The role of proper lighting for ceilings

Light plays a major role in giving that sheen and share the serene of the room with all. The need for experts are here and if you skip the right angles, you are sure to lose out some room glory. Lights must not only restrict for false ceilings are to keep the darkness away. There’s a lot to play with lights if you get hands-on the right pieces.

sofa set-01

The smooth blend

With experiments over living ceiling design and great lighting, the foremost thing is the right blend. Think of a food that has got all ingredient to turn into a delicious meal but none of the ingredients are in the right proportion and is not blended well. The expert blending is all you need to hit the bull’s eye and interior decoration is no different.

drawing room

If you are being unsure about choosing a modern or traditional look for the interior design for living room, ask your designer about some blended ideas. The colours might be a contemporary one with a single smart sweep of a traditional item that will give a complete transformation to the room.

Anyone who loves reading books must have a collection. No matter small or big it is you will surely wish to flaunt it in front of the whole world. It’s not only showing your collection but it’s the reflection of your personality. Having a good study might not be possible every time in homes as there are serious space issues persisting in most homes. But within the limited area these ideas are simply bliss. This won’t take up a lot of space. The right installation in one of the walls of your drawing room will be a definite addition to your home interior designing. The designs are so attractive that you simply won’t have to ask the question why a bookshelf but the question would be which would be the one.

The Stair Pattern

This pattern can be installed at the side of the real stairs in a house. Usually the space under the stairs is not for use in most of the homes. What better way could be than turning it into this interesting bookshelf? This won’t take a lot of space and yet give the books a cool home to rest. The size of the boxes can be smaller or bigger. You can make two or more rows of this pattern if space permits. You need to think a little different and that will make the difference in interior decoration.

The Circular Pattern

This might appear a very doable design to you but to be perfect in this design it is important to mention it is not at all a DIY design. If you are planning to put up this circular kind of rack in the hall you must contact a reputed interior decoration company. Here the trick is all in the measurement and the angle of cutting and placing of the racks. The shelf if not made accordingly will not be able to hold the books because of its circular pattern.

the circular pattern bookshelf ideas

The Tree Pattern

Though the tree design looks an elaborate one, the right placement will not take up much space. This can be placed even in the bedroom if wishing for some unique bedroom interiors. Place it on one of the corners and it’s a bet that it would be one of the most interesting corners of your home.

Abstract Designs

As you see in the suggested designs none of them are occupying any floor part of your house. It’s just the walls that are occupied. This design is attached to the ground which can be modified to keep it hanged on the walls. While you are installing such abstract looking bookshelves a great deal of attention is to be given on the balance part. A little wrong in that part will turn the entire thing into a disaster arraignment.

The Chair Shelf

This is sheer happiness and the dream of book lovers. This would give you the feel of being the emperor of your world of books. You just sit back to relax in your kingdom of treasured collections. The design is nothing complicated and a study arranged in a small place. No wonder as this piece enters your home you will crave to occupy it at the end of the day over a steaming cup of coffee.

the chair shelf bookshelf ideas