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Are you interested in knowing the details of the false ceiling installation in commercial or residential areas? There are a few factors that you are to keep in mind in order to make sure that your works are perfectly done – like a modular kitchen and the installation of false ceilings. Well, getting a false ceiling might seem easy and comfortable, yet it is a daunting task that needs much research and knowledge. The first thing that you ought to keep in mind is that you need to hire an expert who is experienced and knowledgeable in the works.

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Here, we list a few things that a person needs to keep in mind in order to make sure that they do not land up making mistakes later. Let’s check the best things that will help you with the work:

1. Size and Design of the Installation:

If you are planning to install the false ceiling in a living room – first decide which area you want to cover up, the full ceiling or just the light hanging areas. After the size is decided make sure that you work on the designs. Squares and rectangular are the most common designs that are available in the market and apart from this if you are likely to add a perfect design- go for the morocco designs or the Arabic designs that is recently making a popular market among the interested ones.

2. Check the Budget:

Since, the installation of a false ceiling is a huge job and depends on the working of the experts on it one needs to check the budget. Planning a budget will help a person in making the right decision and the individual will not end up spending more than he intend to. Fix appointments with all the available false ceiling service providers. Get a quote from each and short list the ones that fulfill your other criteria. For all the above steps one needs to check the internet and make an extensive research on the same.

3. Painting the Area:

After the false ceilings are installed it is important to make sure that it is whitewashed. This erases the amateur marks and makes it a perfect one. It could be made a bit more experimental by adding a few colors to make the designs prominent and visible. The shades of cream and white colors are believed to offer a much cleaner and crisper look to the ceiling, whereas the earthy shades of brown and oranges provide a heavy look that provides a rich and cozy ambience to the visitors and dwellers.

4. Future Support and Maintenance:

As stated earlier, the installation isn’t an east method and is enough heavier that is designed to camouflage the actual ceiling thus providing a much cooler rooms. But the installations need to be fixed and maintained to offer the rooms a seamless beauty throughout. Regular cleaning of the ceilings with sponge does a lot and apart from this sometimes the false ceiling needs an extra quote of paint such that there is no dull finish.

In case, you are interested in modification of the designs, you need not bring the whole thing down rather opt for breaking off a part of the tiles and change the design with the help of experts in the field.

There are many names through which a false ceiling is popular among mass. Such types of ceilings are the ultimate thing to modernize homes. Not only homes but such kind of ceilings reflects a sense of sophistication in offices and business residential. It is also known as dropped ceiling for its nature of installation. Few things are kept in mind while installation of false ceilings and you must consult an interior decorator to know if your room is suitable for a false ceiling.

how false ceilings are helpful for renovations?

● If you are a resident of old buildings of Kolkata, these ceilings are best for you. Usually old style buildings have high ceilings. Along with that the electrical lines are attached inside a pipe that remains open to mar the look of the room. Thus ceiling renovations is popular in the sector of interior designing in Kolkata.

● Some rooms are just under the roof and absorb a lot of heat. Any change in the weather affects the temperature of the room. To avoid this to some extent you can install a false ceiling as it will prevent the room to get the direct heat or cold.

● These kinds of room require special expertise and tools. Thus it’s better to appoint a specialist team. They will measure the walls and detect the structure of the house to understand what kind of false ceilings will suit the room.

● In case you want a room for musical rehearsals and searching for a soundproof room you need to get a room with false ceilings. Interior designing companies suggests that these are perfect sound absorbent.

● For designing and adding some artistic definition to the ceiling false ceilings are great. You can choose a designed ceiling along the border. It will not cover the entire ceiling of the room but only beautify the borders by outlining.

● Modern offices of Kolkata opt for false ceilings for their smart look. The lighting fixtures are placed behind and the electrical lines get covered up without distorting the look of the office. Spot lights are fixed to maintain the ambience of the office.

● The cost of installation of these ceilings is much cheaper than renovating an entire ceiling. House planners thus choose this easy option when they want a cheaper way of renovation of ceilings.

● As the ceilings are easy to install it becomes easy for you when you think of renovating any part of the ceiling. The panels are set in a suspended manner and can be removed to get your work done easily.

● These are the types of ceilings that are very much preferred by designers who love creativity and colors. The variety one gets in false ceilings is varied and meets the requirements. The love for colors is different for each client and thus these ceilings do not fail to disappoint anyone with its variety.

There are few disadvantages of false ceilings for it is less durable nature. It does not have the capacity to withstand earthquakes for its hanging nature. Sometimes wrong choices of false ceilings can reduce the height of the room. Thus expert advice is a requirement before the final choice.