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From urban communities to communities to rural passageways, development spaces are changing the scene. In recent years, these spaces, for example, study establishments, hatcheries, collaborating spaces, start-up spaces, and that’s just the beginning—have developed at an impressive pace.

How long will it take to decorate an apartment?

From flat interior design and decoration, material choice, on location execution, conveyance, and establishment to extend the board – interior specialists with world-class brand tie-ups and capable execution group will help you at each progression.

apartments decor

Our master bespoke expert will control you at each progression, keep your undertaking running smoothly and ensure you accomplish your home objectives.

Work with our planners to make your modular kitchen and closets that have been customized to suit your preferences. Make your modular kitchen and closets with a wide scope of hues and materials to look over, production line completed to most extreme flawlessness.

For 1bhk home decoration, the approx time required is 30-45 days. It might vary as per the client’s requirements. Considering the standard charges, your budget might vary from 50k to 1 lac. The best is to ask for a customized quote discussing your requirement of furnishing small apartments.

An international client meet is there next month. Why not get an office makeover before the visit?

Individuals ordinarily spend more than 33% of their day at their work environments. In opposition to when office interiors required just desk areas, of late, organizations are progressively deciding on present-day and intelligent workspaces. The insides mirror the organization’s way of life, vision, and all the more critically, support the joint effort. Throughout the most recent couple of years, there has been a change in the outlook of working environment furniture plans inferable from mechanical progressions among different elements that include glass partition and a well-managed office pantry.

Here, we are not only referring to the corporate office, but small studio offices like a dental clinic, a parlor, or even boutique. Approximately a small space will take 30 days with special note to space planning.

A restaurant is incomplete without a creative decor

While great nourishment and incredible client administration are significant for return business, the ambience of an eatery is additionally substantial. You need clients to feel good and make the most of their dinners. Café interiors make way for a client’s eating mood. For a Bar decoration with noisy music apparatus, designer tables, and plastic cups set a completely amazing temperament that is perfect for the mood to set.

The starting rates of restaurant interior decoration are 80k, and the timing depends around 30-45 days.

What attracts you to a spa salon? The ambience and the services might be your answer

Even though the state, “beauty is skin deep,” given the open door that every individual needs to feel and look increasingly uncommon on a given day. Your front room is the spot you are searching for, to make them all vibe, breathtaking, and extravagant.

For this to occur, your spa room needs to ooze that feeling of style and fabulousness you need to confer.

It would not be right on the spot if we state that inside fashioners demonstrate a distinct fascination for detail, particularly in the execution of the insides of a place, which must be completely useful with most extreme visual style. As the principal target is to make a story space with a quiet setting, work turns out to be progressively troublesome, and this is the place the experience of an expert interior decorator becomes an integral factor.

The charges of small salon designs approx start from Rs 700/sq ft. The theme of the spa parlor interior and the services decide the time of the interior decor. The time might vary from 40-50 days.

A small retail shop is your workspace. How to plan the interior décor of an optical showroom?

A best retail inside structure is one that can maneuver clients into a store and encourage purchasing. With various elements intriguing the full retail location experience, it is essential to unite with a talented expert that is knowledgeable with the retail space and can make a critical shopping background for your retail location.

Considering you want a plan for an optical shop interior, you need to ask a plan for the light placement and the use of mirrors. In an optical showroom designing, light plays an essential role in eyewear displays and helping the customer in choosing a product.

The budget would again depend on the area and the type of lights used. The approx. the budget would be starting from 30k-40k and the time would be 15-20 days in approx. If you have similar small retail shops like a sweet shop or a shoe showroom- the same budget and time can be considered.

Do you need an interior decorator for designing a medical shop?

The answer is yes, but let us explain why. A retail, medical store display is a significant thing for the employees working there. When you have a proper pharmacy shop interior, it would be easier for you to stock more products. The idea is not just to stock the products but to access it on time. The distance of the pharmacy shop counter design to the racks is to be planned for a smooth workflow in the store.

The approx. budget for a retail medical store display would be 40-50k and can take the time of 15-20 days.

Is your chamber making your patients comfortable? You might need a designer

While talking about doctor’s chambers, we would first keep a note on the fact what kind of chamber is it. A medicine doctor’s chamber would not be the same as the chamber of a dentist or an orthopedic.

As each doctors role differs, so is the setup of doctor’s clinic interiors differs. For a medicine doctor consulting room decoration, it might take less time as it would have lesser machinery. But for a dentist, the installation would require more time and budget. The eye specialist would have a different set of lights. The timing and the budget here thus cannot be mentioned and is solely dependent on the doctors consulting room decoration that is being designed. But for a professional, who has the right access to all kinds of apparatus, it would require around 30-40 days or even lesser.

Studying in closed boxes, no more excite students. Improve the décor and establish a new way of learning

The education system is changing, and so is the teaching methods of getting creative. With smart classes and digital boards, it’s time to upgrade the interior of educational institutions for functionality purposes. Get an expert for college interior design or the interior designing for schools.

The budget will be starting from 4-5 lac and would extend as per the strength of students and infrastructure. The time required for such a setup will be around 40-50 days.

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Do you want to renovate your existing home in India? Does staying out in a foreign country makes you feel nostalgic and you want to return with your kids for a vacation? Maybe you want to purchase a house somewhere in India but your taste remains foreign? Or maybe you want to renovate your existing home for your parents? We all are humans and each one of us has a different story. When it comes to Interior Service for NRI we never compromise with your taste and the quality of work. Maybe you are not here for quality checks, but as an interior designing company, it becomes our duty to impart you the best hospitality when your return.

When you are an NRI some of you may have shifted to the foreign country (Canada, New York, U.K, and many other countries) with your family or may be alone.

Staying out of your birthplace, away from your relatives, friends, and family is really tough. So, as you plan to get back here you deserve the best social atmosphere and also eclectic interior detailing.

As an interior decorator, we serve any NRI around the world, who are looking for interior service anywhere in India or in Kolkata for their home decor or new office interiors.

What kind of Interior Designing services do we offer for our NRI Clients?

When you stay outside India, the standard of living itself gets uplifted. This is why our team gets the most out of your desire through video calls. Face to face meeting is the best form of interaction. Therefore, as our NRI client if you come and meet us we can discuss your requirements minutely and directly show you our quality works. But we are also comfortable with the other options.

Here are a few of our decorating services for the NRI Clients:

1) Commercials requirement including Office, restaurant, spa or other: There is no denying of the fact that foreign countries are developed as compared to India. They use improved tools and also the techniques they use are quite innovative. Therefore, after spending quite a great time out of India you may feel like settling down in your home state. We are prepared to help you design your commercial space according to the theme of your industry. Be it an office (IT, web design and development, insurance, doctors chamber and name anything that you like to open), we will be standing by your side until you are completely satisfied. Interior designers for NRI, normally take advantage of their problems like inability to be present at the site. 

restaurant interiors

The results are you will need to pay more than the market rates. But with us, you can expect an unmatched range of commercial interior designing services. We have a strict observation team who looks after the technicians.

Here are a few specialties of our commercial interior decorating services:

  1. The preliminary or starting stage: Speaking with the client, conducting a meeting, selection of venue, measuring the site, suggesting alternatives through layouts and drawings. Discussion on Budget is also included. 
  2. The carry forward stage: In the second stage, we at Efficient Enterprise reveals our working dates and a systematic work procedure. Here you need to make a certain amount of advance payment. 
  3. The final Stage: Presentation through 3D drawings, selecting the materials, the start of the work. Updating clients through conference video calls. 

2) Residential flat or bungalow interiors and luxurious villas: At Efficient Enterprise, we also offer residential interior designing services for NRI clients. All our services are based on a proper evaluation of the client’s taste. Only after confirmation, we carry forward with the residential projects.

Our Work Process

Our team keeps themselves active in all aspects of interior decoration – selecting the materials, specifying the layouts, arranging the colors of the walls, and accessories of commercial spaces for the NRI clients. Not only that, since the clients are not present in the spot we become extra conscious and work hard for the project. Therefore, each week we keep on updating them on the progress and also show them our functions through high-quality video calls.

Interior Decorator for NRI Clients are Conducted Through the following Process: 

  • Visit the home or office that needs to be designed.
  • Take measurements according to the client’s requirements. 
  • In case of a residential home the wardrobes are set, the dining area is measured and the proper areas are matched for the dining table and Television area. On the other hand, in case of office – The design team speaks over the client through a lengthy conference call. 
  • Knowing the client’s requirements. During the process, our team understands the client’s requirements, taste design functions, for the creation of layouts. 
  • After the layout is prepared, the details are emailed to you in your desired format (PDF, JPEG).
  • A full estimate of the cost is provided along with the details of the layout. 
  • After your confirmation, we send the layout to our development team to execute the plan in the selected venue. 
  • After approval of color schemes, the technicians proceed with the furniture designing with the help of sketches. 

Remember, we always proceed with the prior approval of our clients. Moreover, the head interior designer always guides the technician teams. In short, when it comes to handling a home interior designer in Kolkata for an NRI client our designers, engineers, scientists, and project managers always work hand in hand to deliver a home or commercial space which will surely increase your quality of life.

How do we deal with the problems of encountering long distance clients 

Since, the client could not visit the site, problems like trust issues, and high budget can arise. Let us discuss a few of the problems below: 

  • Absence of the owner at the site: The absence of the owner gives the laborers and contractor the privilege to the extent the completion dates and demand more daily payments. 
  • Spending money and time traveling: As an NRI, if you want to evaluate everything by meeting the interior decorator company, surely a  huge amount will be wasted on traveling such a long distance. 
  • Minimum knowledge about the market and the industry: Being a complete outsider, or in other words, staying in a foreign country makes you completely new to the real estate and interior decoration industry. 
  • The huge expense incurred in goods and materials: Since you cannot communicate directly with the main market from where the raw materials are supplied, the interior decorators can charge you a heavy amount for the materials. 
  • Lack of interaction with the developers: So, when you are staying abroad, there is a difference in the Indian time with the other countries. Due to which you may not be able to have timely interaction with the team in case you need to render specific instructions. 

Interior designers for NRI has solutions for each of the above-mentioned problems. In case you need to know how to contact us immediately.


             1) Conference call: At Efficient Enterprise, we discuss within details over conference calls on your specific requirements. According to your taste, lifestyle, design, and expectations, we prepare the work.

             2) Video call: Video calls through Skype is the most professional way of communicating with our NRI clients. We contact our clients in advance and fix a video call according to their comfortable timing. The advantage of video call is you get to know each other in a better way and speak about your requirements properly. Moreover, the video calls can enable you to check the work process, and suggest changes if you are not satisfied.

Know a few of the Efficient Enterprise specialty NRI services

As an office and residential  interior decorator, here are a few special services that we provide our NRI Clients: 

  1. Filling your absence on the site
  2. Proper receipts of the materials purchase and use
  3. Timely coordination 
  4. Share a rendered 3D animation of the design
  5. Working at market rates
  6. Picture updates of the Work Process
  7. Daily Supervision reports through mail

Once the floor is completed and prior to your approval, you can make the complete payment. Managing the client’s expectations is a huge part of the industry of interior designing. Therefore, we always try to present the latest market updates to our NRI clients. In case you want a free quote call us +91 9831007030 or mail us at efficient@interiorskolkata.com.